First time

This is my first post and I am nervous what to write? Some may think its stupid why did she create her site if she doesn’t know what to write. Well, I am not a good writer but unfortunately, I love writing. I love reading novels (love,passion,romance,drama,action). You will never imagine how much I can read books. I am addicted to novels just like a chain smoker or an alcoholic. But I consider my vices better that those. What do you think? Whenever I get scolding from my mom, have a fight with my friends, or depressed anything, a novel is what I need to cheer up. So reading so many novels obviously I will wish to write my own story. No such luck my writing sucks. But I have always wanted to do something, stand on my own. I don’t want to be the baby bird in the nest fed by her mother. I want to fly and help her find food. Now I am 16 years old, a minor. Where I live part-time jobs or extracurricular activities is not required to look good on the college applications. The students who secure the highest marks in every subject get admission to the best college and likewise.People look down on the students who work at my age (provided they get a job first) they are either poor or failed in the academics. Students my age don’t even want to work.I did not want to work three days ago. No doubt, whenever I watch some high school Korean drama or read some young adult novels I have always imagined what it must be like to earn some money even in small amounts, work in a store, etc, etc. But this is not Korea or the USA. I practically never thought of working somewhere before being an adult.Then I read an article (

1.John Koon is the youngest entrepreneur and is making millions of dollars ever since he was of age 16. And what I am doing? Sitting around reading novels!

2.Ashley Qualls is the youngest millionaire who has started her career when she was 14 years old. And when I was 14 years old, I don’t even remember what I was doing.

3.Tyler Dikman, 4.Adam Horwitz, 5. David and Katherine Cook. They established their career and became millionaires and here I was thinking I am only 16 years old. What can I do? I am not saying I want to be a millionaire, I just want to do something good with my life I want to make my parents proud. Now the main topic, my writing. I am good at painting, I don’t excel in it. But yeah if someone tells me to draw an apple, I will be able to draw it. So, I thought why not describe my story through drawings! My board exam is over and I have more than two months to lay around before college starts. Why not do something useful? And if luck struck maybe I will be able to publish a book.


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  1. Very good! You have to start somewhere, and you have taken the first step. I’m glad to see I’m not the new kid on the block anymore, lol. You will do great! Keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing what you do 🙂
    There is a program called grammarly. Get it! It is a great cheat. It’s a desktop app and anytime you post anything, even on social media, it will let you know if you have a typo or mistake. It saves a ton of time on editing.

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  2. Just follow your heart young lady and you will attract exactly what you need. Yes there will be hard parts, but they have purpose just as the good bits do too. They teach great wisdom so that you can stand in your truth and be the love that you are deep within.
    Anything learnt or taught with love always prospers. Follow that path.
    It may be hard to decide on something this early in life, but put it out there and you may be pleasantly surprised by the synchronicities that come into your life 🙂 Have faith!

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  3. Even the mighty Sun had to start from a few traces of gas and dust, to be true. Considering that, we’re far better off. 😉
    Wish you luck in your endeavour and I’m sure you’ll do justice. One tip though, work on your grammar. 🙂

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  4. Hey, where are you from?
    I am going through the same. I do nothing but sit around and read novels all day. But reading this was kind of a wake up call.

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  5. Honestly, just write. Write a little or a lot every day. If you want to get better, then keep writing. Follow that dream! And have patience. Even the greats didn’t come to it overnight. May I recommend “On Writing” by Stephen King. I just finished it a few weeks ago and I think all writers should read it.

    PS My old friend from high school has been sending me stuff we wrote together when we were sixteen. Trust me, it’s cheesy as all get-out and it’s amazing to see how far I’ve come since then. ❤ Just keep writing. Tell the stories you have inside. 🙂

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  6. I’m not sure who said this but…”Even the tallest oak in the forest was once just a little nut that held its ground.” Keep going dear, follow your passion and be true to yourself!

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  7. Hi,
    Welcome to the blogosphere, you’ve done it and your writing, congratulations, this is an amazing place and you will be surprised how many connections you make and lovely interesting people you will meet along the way, great to see you here,


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  8. At the risk of repeating what all the others have said, just keep writing. Read, learn, write. Observe as you read. Choose an author you really like. Work out why you like their work so much. See if you can write something in their style.Try different lots of styles and different forms like poetry. Edit your work with a critical eye. Get someone else to edit it. Write. Sit on it. Go back to it. Re-write it. Anything. Just keep writing…. I’m sure you get the gist 🙂 And thanks for the follow, Much appreciated 🙂

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  9. This is exactly how I felt right before I started blogging. I felt as though my bizarre sense of humor would be my downfall, but then I realized something… If I don’t put it out there, how will I ever know? I learned to stop caring what others thought about my style and just went about experimenting with the sole purpose to make others laugh rather than focusing on being judged by how I went about doing so.
    I looked at how other writers and entertainers had a unique style all their own. These styles would compel some, but wouldn’t be guaranteed strike an interest with every member of the audience. But that fraction of haters didn’t get them down to the point where they decided to end their careers over the rejection. Not everyone is expected to like and dislike the same things as everyone else. That’s what makes us unique individuals. In that, the writer or entertainer should continue to create content or else they will be letting down the portion of the audience that actually cares as well as themselves.
    You have an interest. You want to write. Don’t call it “unfortunately”. I don’t think there is such a thing as a “good” or “bad” writer when it comes to style. If you love something, then do it, and don’t care about haters because there exist plenty of folks out there who will benefit from sharing in your interest.

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  10. Honestly, that’s a great piece you just wrote. There’re not many who can write well from the go but if you give yourself a chance, which you’re doing currently, who knows about the future?

    Best of luck. Following.

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  11. Great going dear . Your first Blog & so many good wishes & so many kudos . I am also a first time Author @ 63 & I published my Book on short stories : Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara . Since you have lot of time to spare , why don’t you try reading my Book .

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  12. Hey Annie, although we ain’t like very good friends as yet but yeah, at least we know each other and we go to the same Academy . Well, I just wanna say that your writing skills are really impressive and yeah, quite motivating for me as I’m yet to post my first blog and still musing over what should I write. Another thing I wanna say is that, do keep posting so that I might be more and more motivated and maybe someday I’ll finally get something to write about 🙂
    Ps- repeating again, you’re an amaaaaazing writer

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    1. Thanks darshu…. 😀😀😀… I am so happy to know that I have one friend in the blogger community.. Sometimes it becomes lonely….. All unknown people…. And now I am waiting for your post…. If you haven’t post anything yet… You can start by expressing your feelings as to why you want to start blogging… . see i did that and i don’t know about the post but I felt really felt good. 😊😊😊


      1. Hey thanks a ton for the suggestion bud. Here’s hoping that I can really work on it. I’ll make sure that it doesn’t take a long time for me to post my first blog 😉 And…… Thanks a lot lot and lot my new blogger friend


  13. From reading your post, and the responses, helps me get back into writing now knowing that we have all been at this same point, as we ponder over what to write. I enjoyed reading your work, and grammarly is the nearest app. Keep up the good work.

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