Here goes my first day after BOARD EXAM

Morning, I said to Mom,’Lets go to an orphanage today’. Even though I have been living in this town for 16 years I have never visited an orphanage or know where it is. Mom replied,’If you know where it is, I will take you.’ At the same time, she began searching something on the laptop. I said,’Last year AZ said her Social teacher celebrates children’s day in an orphanage every year. I will get the locations from her.’ ‘Why so sudden urge to visit an orphanage? What are you going to do there? Are you planning to donate all your dresses?’She joked. Then I explained her all about my plannings to do something good this vacation instead of laying around and that if possible I want to teach the kids. As always she appreciated my idea, she has always been supportive.

After some seconds my mom’s expression changed, happy to shocked. I thought she got the thing she was searching in the net and then peered to see what it was. I gasped. She was searching orphanage locations on google, but that didn’t catch our eye. This did—–


I had never heard this story before neither did mom.(Visit for full story) . I didn’t know what to do. I mean the story was not old, it can be considered as recent just last year. I kept looking at the screen for several minutes thinking of an appropriate response. I couldn’t believe eight girls have been suffering for a year so close to my home and no one even knew. Seriously I thought Dibrugarh as a safe place, so this was clearly a shocked. There are no bombings or terrorist attacks and until recently I thought there was no chance a person will cross a rape victim here. Then my mom began explaining all sort illegal activities she has heard of that happens in an orphanage and after that, she made it perfectly clear that I am not allowed to visit the orphanage. I tried to convince mom to let me go, I really wanted to see with my own eyes (the orphanage’s life) but all in vain. There went my first attempt to do something good. But I can’t stop thinking isn’t there any way to help those girls? Why should they suffer? Is every orphanage like that?

Then the breaking news of the day, ‘Assam: Answer scripts of Class X board exams destroyed in fire’. ( Visit for full story) I was like no no no please no I don’t want to appear the exams again. How can this be true I just wrote the paper yesterday and today it has been destroyed in fire. Anyway the government will make the decision tomorrow whether to conduct re-examination or not.





12 thoughts on “Here goes my first day after BOARD EXAM

  1. That is awesome- My friend’s youth group wanted to be more involved… perhaps there is a soup kitchen or habitat for humanity? There are projects like Linus where you can make/provide baby blankets for battered women and/or children. Sometimes hospitals can use help in the children’s ward. Hope that helps?

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  2. Thank God , we are past the age of appearing in exams . However every day in our #Journey to life is not that shitty . ( sorry for using the word of today’s generation ) . Great that you stay in Dibrugarh , where I worked for 2 years before you were born .

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