As I walked through the streets, I resisted the urge to look behind me. I didn’t want to raise any suspicion if those guys were watching.

Yet when I turned down a quiet alley that was a shortcut back to my house, I could hear the soft sounds of footsteps. Maybe I was just imagining it, maybe there was no one following me. Maybe their house is in the same neighborhood. But if they were really following me then I need to be prepared. I don’t know how many are there. I remember there were two in the store. I think I could handle them, especially if I used the element of surprise. The heel of the hand thrust upward, hopefully breaking the nose or shoving it into the brain. Finger through the eye socket – try to hook around and pop the eye out. And the standard knee to the groin, of course. After living in this neighborhood for my whole life, I knew its twists and turns well. I think I should run. It will take hardly ten minutes to reach my house. Actually, it’s a bad idea. It would raise their suspicion and I don’t know if I could run faster than them. But I could hide in the corner ahead and wait for them to pass the alley. That way there will be no violence and I will reach home safe and sound.

I didn’t have to wait long. A few moments later, I heard the footsteps and saw my pursuer’s long shadow appear on the ground, cast in the flickering light of a street lamp on the adjacent road. There was only one. Where is the other one? hiding somewhere. My stalker came to a stop, no doubt searching for me. Really I can’t escape without violence. I should have listened to my Mom. She always warns me not to take the shortcut at night. My bad, If I will shout no one will even hear and if they kill me god knows when anyone will find my body worst what if they rape… no no, don’t go there. You have been learning self-defense for what three years. Have some self-confidence you can take on them.

But as I took a step forward into the light, I saw an old woman. Now this is strange why would an old lady follow me? Looking at her face, I recognized the woman. She was the one I help in the store. Those boys who I thought was following me were trying to rob her. I was about to ask her if she needed any help when she grab my face and brought her lips to me. At first, I was shocked I didn’t know how to react then something happened. Something inside me. My shocked was replaced by a golden joy that spread through my body. It was better than anything I did or loved. . She continued kissing me and I could not stop her. I did not want to stop her. It went on and I lost track of world, I lost track of me, of everything. I just felt an immense power that I did not need to be afraid of anything. I felt like the most powerful person in the world. Then she stopped. Slowly slowly my thoughts came back, I realized what I just did. I was about to ask her what just but before that she vanished into thin air.





27 thoughts on “DREAMS ( PUZZLE #1)

  1. Welcome to WordPress blogging! OK, I read part #1 thank you for sharing your work with me!-) Great story line. I did not expect or see the old lady coming into the picture in such a way but, it was really nice to see the twist come about the way it did!-) With that said I will read part #2 send me a link when done but I am following you so it will go to my WordPress reader. I just don’t want to miss it so sending me a link would be great:-)

    Are you using WordPress posting to do this or do you type it somewhere else and copy and paste it to a new post? I am asking because I can offer up some links that helped me in the beginning. Also, fair warning if you are writing posts that contain sexual content WordPress requires you to say at the beginning of it “warning adult content follows” or however you want to pharse it. Now, if you will be doing mostly post that you may have even more than three times say “fuck” your entire blog needs to be labeled AC for adult content. I like your writing and your blog and it’s content does not bother me. But, see WordPress support for rules on AC posting and blogs to cover your ass:-)

    I hope you don’t think I am a Debbie Downer and being mean. Just you seemed like you could use or want advice on your post. I feel you should proceed with Part #2 soon. Keeping your story on readers minds….lol

    Xoxo best to you, Annette

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      1. Good story! Are these dreams you have? Are you making this into a bunch of short stories? Punctuation and grammar much better, watch for passive sentence structure. I hear those tips too when writing stories. I am a novice writer so really I am just learning. If you are looking to get published investigate writing tips. That is where I am at too. You are doing very well and if you are remembering your dreams and making your blog like a dream journal you are doing great too. I encourage you to keep going. Thanks for allowing me to read this. I liked it a lot!!! 🙂

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  2. Intriguing, engrossing! Galti kiya abhi padh ke, should have read in second half of the day to have the continuity, now am in double minds to read next parts or finish my work. Eish!!!!!!

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      1. omg! yes! i also love these mystical creatures things. i am so intrigued in the idea of dreams, in fact i maintain a dream diary also, i basically love psychology and paranormal things like bermuda triangle. love your blog!

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