Chapter 2

Bad Night

I was in a room. Everything was grand. I felt as if I were walking on glass. My fingers lightly hovered over the items as I walked along the room. My hands kept a distance, careful not to break anything. My gaze drifted towards the king size bed. Its sheets and pillows looked perfect. There was also a TV on the opposite wall, facing the bed. My eyes rounded in shock as I advanced into the room. I hadn’t noticed the goosebumps on my arms until now from the cool summers breeze. The moon was shining in through the open balcony doors. I was so awed by the beauty of the room that I hadn’t noticed a man and a woman in their late twenties sleeping on the bed. Where was I and what I was doing in someone else bedroom? I had no answers to that. However, I could not ponder much because I heard footsteps. Someone was coming. I have to hide.
A woman came in through the balcony. She was an absolute stunner. She had sleek brown hair falling to her shoulders, and she wore a tight skirt and a sweater that outlined her perfect figure. She had a lovely candid face but her eyes said something else, Anger, hurt, betrayal, love. How could a person feel so much at the same time? I imagined. I was watching her from behind the closet. She stood in front of the bed and watched the couple with cold hard eyes. Then something unbelievable happened. She shape-shifted. Her dainty frame grew taller and stronger. Her skin paled to death-white. Her shoulder length hair grew longer reaching her thighs. Thigh-high black leather boots appeared on her legs, paired with a matching halter top. Dark wings, horns, a whip in her left hand and a sword in her right. My heart gave a thud of surprise. I don’t believe in angels and demon but she completely looked like a demon. She raised her sword with a bitter smile on her lips. I stood there dumbfounded, afraid, shocked. I could not find my voice. I closed my eyes and screamed as loud as I could.
‘Rio’ Someone heard me.
‘Rio’ The voice sound familiar.
‘Rio, Are you okay?’
Sam, no please not Sam. I don’t want him anywhere near this demon.
‘Rio, Whats wrong?’
I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling for a few seconds out of fear and shock. I was in a room again but it was not that room. This room was familiar. A few more seconds passed. Then I realized I was in my room sleeping with my brother. It was a dream oh god! a dream yet it felt so real. Sam was staring at me perhaps waiting for an explanation.
‘A dream’ I blurted. ‘A very bad dream, a nightmare’


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