My phone buzzed.
Kim: Meet you in Cully’s Cafe at 3.00
I wrote back: OK 🙂
I was standing in front of my wardrobe unable to decide what to wear. What does anyone wear to meet her best friend’s boyfriend for the first time? After much thinking, I decided to wear black jeans, brown T- shirt, denim jacket, black sneakers and a baseball hat, a perfect tomboy outfit. It would be intimidating and I will take the Bonneville. I smiled as I remembered the reaction of most boys when they see me riding my motorbike.
My smile slipped as my mind switched subjects. I’d been thinking about the old woman and the dream all day. I don’t think I imagined the kiss but the old lady vanished. How is that possible? I have never kissed a boy or had nightmares. Hell! I don’t even dream. But both the things happened and I am struck thinking about it. Enough Rio, no more thinking. Go get dressed or you are going to be late.
After few minutes, my phone buzzed again
Kim: Where are you?
Me: I am coming, coming. Just five minutes.
I looked in the mirror, satisfied I took the keys of my bike and took off.

I turned and there was Kim. She was sitting at a table in a little black dress that clung to her shapely body and came to her mid-thigh. Her black hair was half up and curled, and her eyes were sparkling. She was so beautiful that every girl envies her, and every boy wants her. She leapt up from her seat to give me a hug. She pushes me away from her and holds me at arm’s length, examining me closely. She was giving me that ‘I know what you are up to Rio’ look.
‘So, How was your date?’ I asked trying to change the subject. Kim and Ronald met in FB. They instantly liked each other and has been chatting for about a month. Yesterday they went on their first date and today I am going to meet him.
‘Fantastic, we went to the movie and after that dinner.’ She was hiding something. I can tell she seems excited but her words were dry. I regard her suspiciously.
‘What’s been going on?’
‘I will tell you later when we are on our own.’
‘We are on our own now’
‘No, Ronald will be here any moment.’
‘You’re okay?’I asked gently.
‘Yes, in fact, I am very happy’ She smiled.
‘I am okay with whatever makes you happy’
‘I know’
‘Hey!’ A boy quite good-looking, with nicely styled black hair and pale blue eyes. A sleek, white shirt covered his broad shoulders, and he’d paired it with black pants and expensive-looking shoes.
‘Hey’ replied Kim shyly.
‘Rio, this is Ronald, my boyfriend. Ronald, this is Rio, my best friend.’ Keeping my expression not at all friendly, I stood up and extended my right hand towards him. He eyed me from head to toe. Clearly, I was not at all what he expected.
‘Nice to meet you, Rio. I have heard a lot about you’ He said, smiling pleasantly as we shook hands. I simply nodded. When he was not looking, I winked at Kim and mouthed ‘Games up’. She shook her head no.
‘We haven’t ordered anything. I will have a tropical iceberg and sizzle dazzle brownie. What about you guys?’ She said trying to lighten the atmosphere.
‘I will have devils own and twilight desert’ I said cheerfully.
‘I will go get the drinks then.’ Ronald said standing up.
‘No, Kim knows a guy who works here. She can get us a discount and we need to have a small chat.’ I said looking pointedly at him.
Kim put her hands on his shoulder. ‘I will get your favourite chocolate shake with extra ice-cream and don’t mind her she is very protective of me. She’s just being hard on you because of Liam. In reality, she is not at all like this……’
‘Hey, I am still here!’ I crossed my arms and looked at both of them.
Ronald chuckled. ‘It’s ok. Let her get it off her chest.’

When Kim was out of earshot. I began,’Kim is a really nice girl. Look around you will find most of the boys in the cafe are looking at her. But she says she likes you. Don’t hurt her, okay? She’s really fragile.’
Smiling, he nodded reassuringly,’ I know she is and I want you to know that I really like her.’ A chill ran down my spine, it was the opposite of what I felt when that old lady kissed me. I looked him in his eye and asked,’Do you like her?’
‘I said I like her and don’t worry I will never hurt her.’ I stiffened. It happened again but more intense, nausea rolled over me.
‘YOU ARE LYING!’ My voice had been fierce. He was shocked.
I don’t know how but I know he was lying.
‘NO…?’ he stuttered making it sound more like a question.
Rage filled my body,’Do not lie to me. If you hurt her, I swear, I will hunt you down and tear you limb from limb before I watch you bleed to death.’ I was being dramatic here. I would not be able to tear him limb from limb but if he hurts her, I will make sure he will never be able to hurt anyone again.
‘Do you understand me?’
‘Any progress guys?’ Kim asked. Without waiting for an answer, she put the tray on the table and took her seat. We were both silent. Progress! I scoffed internally. From ‘I don’t know this guy’ to ‘I hate this guy’ in just five minutes, that’s progress in the opposite direction. Finally, she looked up at our faces. At first, she was shocked than confused. ‘What happened?’
‘Nothing. I have to go. Kim, why don’t you bring Ronald to the match tomorrow.?’ I suggested.
‘That’s a good idea.’
‘OK, bye.’
‘Wait, your drinks.’
I took my devils own with my left hand, gave my best glare to Ronald then hugged Kim good-bye.


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