Chapter 4


I was staring at the chocolate brown eyes of the girl in the mirror. The same eyes which were filled with rage moments ago, now seems terrified. Her eyes asked questions and demanded answers. What was happening to her.. to … me? It all seems connected the kiss, the dream, the chill that ran down my spine in the cafe to that old lady. I have to find her. I was about to go out again when I stopped. Where will I find her? Frustrated, I kicked the chair. NO, no I have to think. I have to relax. I grabbed the chair placed it in front of the mirror and sat down.
I stared at the girl in the mirror, thinking about the things I love. The colour blue, how I have always loved blue eyes. Suddenly, I felt dizzy. I had an odd feeling that something unbelievable had occurred. Looking back at the mirror I noticed something has changed. The… colour… of… my… eyes….has..changed..to…pale…blue. I jumped from the chair and scrambled as far from the mirror as possible, knocking over the lamp on the table. It landed with the crash of broken glass. It was probably a hallucination. It can’t be real. I took a deep breath and went near the mirror. She was still there. Her pale blue eyes were staring blankly at me. I couldn’t take it anymore. I stumbled to the door, yanked it open, ran down the stairs, into the hall, open the front door and ran. In the distance, I heard my mom yelling at me but nothing matters. I can’t show my face to anyone till it becomes normal.



‘What the hell?’
‘I think she suspects something.’ Ronald said.
‘Who?’ I asked irritated.
‘My new chick’s best friend.’ He said as if it should be obvious. I rolled my eyes and began watching the game.
‘I am serious, dude.’
‘Ok. Who is she?’ I said making my voice somewhat serious.
‘Rio Edwin’
I scroll through the names on the computer. ‘She is not on our list. Is she from police or other secret agencies?’
‘Huh? No! I mean she can’t be. She is just 16 years old. But I think she is dangerous.’
Absurdly, I felt like laughing. ‘You think a 16-year-old girl is dangerous. Are you on drugs?’
‘No, man. You ought to believe me. I have seen the anger in her eyes. She said she is going to kill me if I hurt her friend.’ He sounded desperate.
I raised my eyebrows.’She threatened to kill you?’
‘Not in the same words but yeah it meant the same thing.’
‘How many times you have been threatened by boys for ‘the same thing’ but you go all sissy when a girl threatens you.’ I grinned.
Embarrassed he said,’No’ He paused then exhaled.
‘I want to meet the girl who makes Mr.Ronald go all sissy and maybe we can use her in our business’ and then I laughed.



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