Chapter 5

Secrets revealed

Rio P.O.V

I walked into the silent park down the street and sat on the nearest bench. Today had been so confusing. I can’t find the old lady anywhere. I checked in the store, the alley. It was like she really vanished into thin air if that thing was even possible. I had 17 missed calls from my mom and 5 from Kim and many messages.
Mom: Where are you???
I replied: I will be home soon
Kim: Are you okay? Aunty called.
Kim: What happened at the cafe?
Kim: Did you like Ronald?

I ignored her messages.

What am I going to do now? Tears began streaming down my face.
‘Rio’ Someone called.
I turned back to see a young lady in her mid-twenties standing near a tree.
‘How do you know my name?’ I asked.
She laughed and said, ’Because I know you.’
‘But I don’t know you.’ I said nervously.
‘Don’t you?’ She smiled and stepped towards me. In the blink of an eye, the young lady vanished and in her place stood the old woman.
‘Impossible.’ I said but she kept smiling. She shape-sifted again and this time into the demon from my dreams.
‘You are a demon.’ I stammered. I couldn’t move. I just stood there, frozen in disbelief. This couldn’t be happening. This really, seriously could not be happening.
‘So are you.’
My jaw dropped. Goosebumps chilled my arms and I was almost trembling. ‘What? No, it can’t be.’
‘Don’t you feel it? The power, the aggression, the strength. What do you think it is?’ She said quietly.
I opened my mouth, and then closed it again. I wanted to believe that she was lying or crazy, but I just couldn’t. ’This is just…… completely insane. I was hallucinating or something.’ I said, my voice shaking.
The previous day, things had been so normal. Now my world seems upside down. Then I remembered the flicker of power I’d felt when she kissed me yesterday. As if reading my mind she said, ’You have been chosen.’
‘Chosen for what? To be a demon.’ I snickered. This was way too much. I can’t take it anymore. ‘I just want to go home. Just change my eyes back to normal and I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE EVER AGAIN.’ I yelled.
‘The power to change back relies on you. At first, it is little uncomfortable then it will become your second nature and don’t worry I will not come find you. You will, just like today.’ She smiled.
“I — WILL NOT!” I screamed, so loudly that I felt my throat might tear, and for a second I wanted to rush at her and break her, shatter that calm cold face, shake her, hurt her, make her feel some tiny part of the fear inside me but I will not. I will not be a demon. I have to get away from her. Without looking back I ran and ran and didn’t stop till I reached the front doorsteps of my house.




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  1. Now I am following you to your door! Not a stalker. That was some dream. Thank you for following me also. Have a nice life and Jesus Loves You. That is also the answer to your story.

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