Chapter 6


I was back in the room. The only difference is that this time I know I was dreaming. It was a repeat of what I’d seen before, a woman came in through the balcony. She shape-sifted into a demon and raised her sword to kill the sleeping man. This was where the dream had ended last time. Now it kept going. I didn’t scream, I wanted to know what happened next. I could feel the rage radiating from her. She was about to strike when she came to a sudden halt as if the realization that she was about to kill a man hit her. Tears began streaming down her face. She let go of her sword and knelt down beside the bed. Several seconds passed. Finally, she lifted her head . Her eyes were shining with love as she looked at the man. She whispered,’ I love you, Vincent.’ and vanished through the balcony. I was about to run after her when a sound startled me. It was a mobile ringtone. I listened more carefully and I realized my cellphone was ringing.
‘Hello ‘ I answered.
‘Rio for God sake’s…. Do you know how many times I called you last night? Can’t you even give me a message saying that you are alive? oh god! I was so worried. From when did you become so reckless and stupid? Rio, I am talking with you. Are you going to answer or not?’ A female voice yelled. I couldn’t pinpoint who she was or what she was saying, so I just replied, ‘Huh?’
‘Are you still sleeping? Do you know what time it is?…………………’ She kept yelling. I rubbed my eyes and looked at the screen. It was Kim.
‘Calm down, Kim. What happened?’ I tried to make sense.
‘What happened? You ran from your house and disappeared for nearly half of the night and now you are asking me….. WHAT HAPPENED?’ She paused. Slowly, slowly my mind began to work. ‘Are you okay?’ She continued. Then suddenly she started laughing. ‘Ha! Ha!’
‘Why are you laughing?’ I asked.
‘Your mom. She is boiling with rage right now. ‘ She laughed again.
‘SHIT!’ I stood up.
‘I can’t imagine what she is going to do with you and, this time, I am with her. You should probably be grounded for a whole month. I was so freaked out that something bad happened to you……….’
‘Kim, I am okay. I was tired so I felt asleep. I didn’t see your messages until now.’ I lied.
‘Feed your lies to someone else. Don’t worry I will ask aunty what excuse you gave her. For now, bye. Have fun and don’t forget to call me after your verdict is declared.’ She hanged up.


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