RAISE YOUR VOICE!!! Before its too late

Hey, there everyone…. its been a looooong time since I posted here…. hope everyone is doing well.
Today I am not here to continue my story but I want to bring into everyone’s notice a crime. A crime which everybody knows and many of them have been the victim but there is only a handful who raise a voice against it.
Nowadays everyone has an account on facebook, twitter, myspace,
WhatsApp, Kik,Instagram or any other social networking sites. What do we love so much about it? Social media allows us to interact with each other all over the world instantly. These websites allow us to express ourselves, share our ideas, opinions and experiences, make new friends, learn new topics, and what not.  Can you imagine the world without these social networks? I definitely can’t. I wonder how my grandparents lived. How they spend their free time? How did they connect with their distant friends? They communicated by talking and writing letters.  They had to wait for several days maybe months to receive a reply. Instead of chatting on social networks they used to go to their friend’s house.
Life is so much easier now . So why some people don’t appreciate it? Why they use these networks to defame someone else character? Why do they misuse these wonderful gifts of technology?
Few days ago, a brother sent me a link and told me to look into it. When I opened the page I was shocked. The facebook page was full of pictures of different girls of our town and vulgar comments were written about them. Moreover, it had 1000+ likes.
I sent him a message.
Me: What nonsense? Who is the page admin?
He: I have a hunch. X(his friend) and I are investigating. Tomorrow we will report it to the police.
Me: What about the girls? Do you know anyone of them?
He: Yeah, some of them.
Me: Why don’t they report it?
He: They are afraid. They don’t want their parents involved.

Any intentional false communication, either written or spoken, that harms a person’s reputation; decreases the respect, regard, or confidence in which a person is held; or induces disparaging, hostile, or disagreeable opinions or feelings against a person is known as DEFAMATION OF ONE’S CHARACTER. Defamation may be a criminal or civil charge. (http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Defamation+of+character) (https://justlikethat101.wordpress.com/2016/05/19/guest-post-defaming-womanhood-a-perpetual-humane-need-in-the-virtual-era/)

I reported to the concerned administrators of Facebook that I don’t think it should be on facebook. It’s sexually explicit and it violates Facebook Community Standards. However, the page has not been removed yet. A police report  has also been filed which will be sent to the nearest cyber cell. Afterwards,  CID investigations will start. We hope the admin will be caught and the page will be removed.

For all those victims who have suffered, I just have a small message.
I know you are afraid. You are embarrassed as it is and don’t want any more publicity. I would be too if I were in your place. You don’t want to involve your parents. You think people will blame you because people always blame the girls. As compared to boys girls have less freedom and you don’t want to lose that too. You don’t want your parents to be ashamed of you. But girls I think its high time. We have to fight for ourselves. We have to raise our voice against these crimes. If we continue keeping quiet these crimes will never end. On one side we demand  to be treated equally with boys but do you think a boy will just stand by and watch if he is being insulted, raped, defamed. If we had raised voices from the start may be crimes against girls would have been less today. Come on we are the girls of the 21st century. Can’t we just go to the police station to file a report if we are being bullied, harassed, defamed etc ? Can’t we talk with our parents and make them understand? Remember you are not the wrong one here. You did not commit any crime. You are the victim.












29 thoughts on “RAISE YOUR VOICE!!! Before its too late

  1. Sadly, outrageously, shamefully, this is a vital and timely message…thank you for sharing…let’s support all who are exploited and violated and oppressed….social media should connect us in the best ways, not be used to further erode bonds of security, inclusion, a sense of belonging and value….

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      1. We don’t deserve this girls.The boys ought to get a back a back to reply to this so that no boy can ever think of doing this again in future.And nothing could b a better approach to this than this Annie.Good job

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  2. Really annie…your article was a most motivating one.The girls need not be the victims all the time.All we need is to raise our voices before its too late..as you have already written..Awesome annie..Keep it up!!

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  3. Annie, good luck with your page. I think as people become more and more knowledgeable to injustice all over the world and especially towards girls and women, then there will be positive changes. Blessings !

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  4. Cyber bullying is such a real and awful situation no one seems to want to acknowledge. As a Mom of a teen and pre-teen that is exactly why my children do not have accounts on social media. What a powerful post and I hope that these cyber bullying acts are taken seriously and are promptly handled appropriately.

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  5. Very well said and in theory you are so right. Unfortunately in reality girls and women still hear “are you sure you did not ask for it”, “are you sure it was done without you agreeing on it”, “are you sure you sent the right signals” and “maybe you should have not dressed like that in the first place”… You know what I mean? Although we live in the 21st century and in countries where you would think we should get some more credit, we still don’t. I can assure you (growing up in a time without all the devices and social media) that many, many things were much easier then than today. Things took longer but this is not necessarily a bad thing. Social media is one of the things you can see as good and evil and we have to learn to deal with it in the right way and fast…

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    1. When i uploaded this post my friend said ‘Annie i think you should stay away from all this.’
      I asked, “what would you do if one of the pictures was yours? ”
      She replied,’ but it is not there… so why should I?’
      Me: what if you asked for help and nobody supports you?
      She: Three years ago, I rejected a boy’s proposal. He trolled me in fb. Now I moved on. If I stood against them I would have to face more trolls… worst then the last one
      Me: No, you were trolled because hw knew you are weak and you will not take any action against them
      Now she is giving her full support.
      I told you about my friend because she was defamed, she has experienced it, she knows how it feels, but still she does not want to support the other girls like her. She is afraid to raise her voice. 1The society still ask questions and they will always ask questions until we answer them.And it is time we answer. Anyways nothing is improving by keeping quiet. Crimes are still rising… why don’t we take a shot my raising our voice? And for the victims to raise their voice they need support. They need a little push. They need to know no matter how much the society mocks them we are still here… we know they are right… and we will always support them ….

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  6. Ah this is quite sad !!! why the internet can be used for all unpleasant needs. I hope the issue gets solved. And its pretty bold of you to take this up 🙂 !

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  7. Annie…..I’m proud of u…as yr frnd n as a girl. U r da voice of many girls together ryt nw! Hope this voice reaches out 2 evry1 n makes itself heard!!

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  8. Terrible side to social networking exposed…although it’s not the networks but the infantile people that think they can use it for absolutely anything at all from some safe haven. Stirring up I’ll feeling for kicks. Back in the day these people wouldn’t say boo to a goose because that would mean being face to face with someone and saying it. Invariably the outcome would have been a swift lesson in learning, problem solved.

    This misuse of technology is sickening. Thank you for sharing and well done you for standing up and trying to get the idiot(s) caught.

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  9. Thank you for sharing this. I have heard about the effects of it but you did a great job of bringing to light how widespread it is. No one should have to deal with this kind of abuse. Keep us updated.

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