‘So you are up?’ Sam asked, leaning against the door with his arms folded. I nodded.
‘Mom and Dad are waiting for you downstairs.’
Yesterday night when I came in Mom and Dad were in the hall, waiting for me. They were relief to see me and asked no questions. Dad said, ’Go to your room. We will talk tomorrow.’ I obeyed because I had no explanation.
‘Are they angry?’ I asked.
‘Very’ He said giving me a sympathetic smile. ‘Though I am two years younger than you, I am your brother. You can always talk to me about anything. You know that right.’
‘I always do. We promised no secrets right?’ How could he forget that? Is he keeping secrets from me? I thought.
‘Then what are you so stressed about?’ He asked. Concern filled his face. When I did not say anything for long. He continued, ’Don’t deny it. Yesterday when I came home. This room was a mess and while sleeping you moan and twitch your legs like you are having a bad dream.’
‘It is nothing really. I think I should go downstairs and eat. I am hungry’ I said clutching my stomach.
Lately, I have been running around and avoiding questions and I wonder when things will turn normal. Will things ever turn normal? I shook my head.
My mom was cooking in the kitchen and Dad watching a cricket match. When Dad saw me he asked, ‘Where were you last night?’
‘Umm.. Yesterday when I got home I realized that my cellphone was missing. I thought I left it at the Cully’s so I went to get it.’ I said the first thing that came in my mind,  keeping my eyes down. I still don’t know how the changing process happened. I assumed since I had been imagining my eyes blue, it changed so I did the same thing to bring it back to normal and it did. Still I was afraid.
‘You are saying that you needed half of the night to get your phone from Cully’s?’ He asked calmly and then added ‘Why are you looking down?’
When Sam told me they were angry, I thought I was going to get scolded and grounded and all those worst case scenarios. But as I looked up, I saw my father’s face was nothing but calm.
‘I thought I left it at the Cully’s. It was not there. It was at the park near the science museum.’ As I said this I felt something leaving me and touching my Dad and the same odd feeling I had when my eyes changed. I stiffened. Did I do something to my Dad now? Is he okay? I waited for my Dad’s reaction. I was afraid he would know that I am not normal. I was even afraid to turn around and see a mirror. I was afraid I will find something which will remind me that maybe I am not human anymore.
‘Okay, this is the first time you did something like this. Don’t do it next time.’ He smiled. I waited for him to continue to say that I was irresponsible, that I will be grounded, that he did not believe my story but he did not. So I went to the kitchen to grab something to eat and also face my Mom.
‘I heard what you said to your dad and I don’t believe any of it. If you were searching your phone you could have taken the bike. Why walk so far? Anyway if you had lost your phone we would have bought you a new one. Why would you stay half of the night out? You were not with Kim. You can’t have gone to a party because you were not dressed. So where were you? Tell me the truth Rio Edwin Gogoi’ Mom said.
This was more like what I was imagining. I don’t know how Dad didn’t see this. Actually thank God! Dad didn’t see this because I don’t know what to say to my mom.
‘Do you have a boyfriend, Rio?’ She asked raising an eyebrow.
I was so startled by the question that I dropped the sandwich I was eating and looked at my Mom. From where did that conclusion came from? ‘NO!’ I said. Again I had the same feeling of something leaving me and touching my mom. ‘I was really searching my phone.’
‘Don’t……….Okay, if you say so.’ She replied. For a moment, she looked confused and then she asked, ‘Don’t you have a match today?’
‘Yeah, I should better go get ready.’ I replied.
When I entered our room, Sam was playing a video game. He looked surprised to see me. ‘I thought there was going to be some serious drama today but I didn’t even hear a single sound.’ He said.
‘Me too.’ I replied absentmindedly.
Then I began explaining to him how Mom and Dad acted today,only leaving the part where I felt that odd sensation leaving me and touching them.
‘Strange’ He mused.
‘Strange’ I agreed.


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