My Dare #1 (poetry)

Someone has been telling me to try poetry.  According to him “Poetry.. You couldn’t fail until you’ve tried, my dear.”
So I am accepting it as a dare.

Walking towards the light


I felt the cold breeze as soon as I left the door,
I walked, I stumbled,  I fell,  I walked.
I could see the brink of a fire far away.
People drinking and rejoicing; the warmth by its side.
While I am surrounded by cold and darkness.
Looking back,  I saw my sanctuary of yesterday.
But I have come too far to return.

My knees touched the ground.
Too cold to walk alone.
Far is the light.
Nowhere is my home.
Dead are my hopes.
My eyes close,
Silently counting the seconds till my last breath.

Heard a familiar voice
Remembered the promises I made
The beautiful memories haunted me till I opened my eyes.
I walked again,  I stumbled,  I fell.
But something always kept me from  losing hope.
Was it the love of everyone I know?
Or was I simply afraid to die alone in the dark?
Against all the odds, I walked.
Maybe I was strong or I pretended to be.

I reached the place I always wanted to be,
I too danced and rejoiced in the fame of light.
I laughed at my weakness of the past.
I will never forget the hurdles I overcome,
The struggles in the dark.
I will even hold a torch,
Become a hope  for the ones still in the dark,
Waiting to die.
I will be the light.

Written by- Annie Baruah
Edited by- Arunabh Debendranath     Konwar

Thank you 🙂



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