Chapter 7
I was waiting for Ronald and his supposed girlfriend in front of a shabby little building with a lot of broken windows at the end of the road. The place looks like it had not been used for years. After half an hour I had had enough. Ronald was going to pay for this prank. Just then I saw an extremely hot girl. She was wearing a sleeveless blue dress that came to her mid-thigh making her skinny long legs look breathtaking. She had chocolate brown eyes and her long dark brown straight hair fell on her shoulders. She passed by without even giving a glance to me. How could she not notice me when I was the only person standing here? I wondered. Before I missed the chance to know her, I said, ‘Hey!’
She paused then looked around as if to make sure I was speaking to her. ‘Huh?’ She replied.
‘Can you help me find this place?’ I asked, showing her a card Ronald gave me. It said- U building, KBC Road.
She looked at the card then eyed me from head to toe and replied, ‘You are at the right place.’ I groaned internally as I watched her lips confirming what I already know and immediately dirty thoughts clouded my mind. She continued ‘The place will start at 5 o’clock. Now it is only 4.30, so you have to wait for half an hour.’ This was news. Ronald wanted me to wait here for a whole hour. I pushed the thoughts of Ronald out of my mind and concentrated on the girl in front of me.
‘What are we going to do now?’ I asked giving her my best sexy smile that makes girls swoon.
But she didn’t. ‘Excuse me?’ she replied shocked.
‘Since there are no other buildings nearby, I just assumed we are going to the same place which means you also have half an hour to spare……’
‘Wait..slow down dude there…. Firstly I don’t have any time to spare and even if I had what made you think I would want to spend it with you.’ She said angrily. She then turned and walked away. I recoiled, shocked. She did not even let me finish. Well that was a first. Nobody has ever turned me down before. Now I have to find out who she is. I imagined her crying, begging me to let her go like all the other girls. It would be fun. I smiled sheepishly.
When it was only ten minutes left, people mainly teenagers filled the place. Most of them were dressed in track pants and loose t-shirts. I even saw one guy wearing boxers. I looked way out of place in my black pants and denim shirt. Everyone was looking at me like I am some kind of freak. What kind of place is this? When Ronald told me that he would introduce me to his new girl and her best friend, I thought it would be in some kind of restaurant or café or cinema hall. But never would I have imagined this kind of place.

…………………… ………………………………………………………………………………………..

The inside of  the underground room or the performance area was huge. I have to admit Kim is nothing like the other girls Ronald has ever brought. She is tall,  curvy and beautiful enough to not fall for a guy’s nonsense.  I can’t understand how she bought Ronald’s lies. ‘So,  What is this place? ‘ I asked.
‘This is called the ‘U’.  You can do anything,  be  everything and no one is going to stop you’ Kim replied.
‘Hey!  Kim’ A man in his late twenties shouted over the sound of the loud music. He pushed his way towards us.  ‘Are you ready for today?  Where is Rio?  She even has a match.  Don’t tell me she is late again. Today is the best business day with 800 people.  She can’t do anything wrong. ‘ This place is strange even the people are.  I eyed Ronald angrily.  ‘When I was waiting outside,  I saw a girl. She was wearing a blue dress. Find her.  Only she can save you. If I don’t find her today,  no one will even find your dead body. ‘ I whispered.  He looked once  at Kim and then facing me he pleaded ‘Please don’t cause a scene. Her friend is already suspicious. She will slip right through my hand. ‘ How dare he orders me?  But before I react he realized his mistake.  ‘She is better than the others.  Dad will be pleased. I will find your blue one’
Meanwhile, Kim was talking with the man ‘Cool down, Josh.  Rio arrived half an hour early.  She is getting ready’.  The man let a sigh as if a huge burden is relieved.
‘Josh, This is Ronald my boyfriend and this is Zach. ‘ She introduced us.  Turning to us she said.  ‘This building is owned by him.  He has been running this business for ten years.  Before that, his father had a textile factory in this place. ‘
‘ I will catch up with you guys later.  I have some business to take care of.  Moreover, the match is going to start in five minutes. Go take your seat. ‘ Josh said looking at his watch and again began pushing his way through the crowd.


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  1. KBC road – Kaun Banega Crorepati road. 😂
    I must admit, you wrote a good story. By the way, check the liebster award that I have been nominated. Check the guys whom I nominated.

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