Being a child

Recently I have seen many posts like the need of  war, terrorism, revolution, how without those terrorist our existence wouldn’t be possible, etc, etc.  I am getting so  frustrated and irritated that whenever these kinds of posts pops in my newsfeed, I want to make the writer sit and ask,

Have you ever experience war?

Have you ever been in one?

Were you present when the terrorist attacked?

Do you have any idea how many people have died because of war and terrorism?

Are you sick or a sadist?

Are you illiterate?

Haven’t you learnt anything from the past that war doesn’t solve anything, only brings death and suffering to the people?

You want a revolution, do you know how much the economy of a country is affected by war?

Do you know how much the country will suffer?

Maybe your intentions are not wrong, you are thinking about the welfare of the people. But I think anything which brings sufferings to the people whether he is a hindu, a muslim, a christian or maybe a sikh, an assamese, a bengali, a nepali or a marwari is wrong. They are all human. How can you forget that?  I can’t beleive the customs and beliefs are so deep rooted in us that even the youths of todays generation still discriminates people on the basis of caste and religion.

People still can’t accept inter-caste marriage. They still have the feeling of mistrust, disloyalty when they mingle with people of other caste. At face value, he is friends with everyone but inside he is recoiling and making sarcastic comments about them. I don’t think any caste or religion is superior than the others. I think we  are just afraid that if people of different background mingle with each other, the original lineage will be lost. Also, man’s thirst for power made them critisize each other in order to prove who is superior among them.

People of  every origin has some idiots who is a dishonour to them. But we can’t judge everyone based on the idiots. They are idiots not because of their caste or religion. They are idiots just because they are idiots. Not all people are like those idiots. It is not right to hate the whole religion or caste just because you hate those idiots. And if you are a human killing them is not an option. I can’t imagine how can that thought even cross a person’s mind.



A 21 year old boy said that I am a child. I can’t understand these things. I am too small to know the importance of #ULFA ( a terrorist group in Assam). I don’t know reality. Maybe I am not an adult. I don’t have much experience in practical life. Tomorrow I will complete 16 bitter- sweet years on earth. But if being an adult means being a moron, bunking college classes, long bike rides, drinking and smoking at the end of the day, fighting, no rational thinking, writing posts about supporting terrorist groups, critisizing politicial groups, challenging people of other backgrounds into a fight, thinking violent activities like war or terrorist attack will solve economic problems just because it will bring a change in the government. If all those things means being an adult, I am happy being a child. I am not saying I am 100% right or I know everything. Maybe that terrorist group had contributed a lot for the welfare of the  Assamese people, but I can’t accept the thought of supporting them because they are killers. They are also responsible for the bomb blast and the death of hundreds of people. So, no I had rather be a child than indulge myself in violent activities and think my friends are my foe just because they follow a different religion.


“Childishness and childlikeness are two very different things.To know a childlike person, is to know a very mature person; to know a childish person, is to know a very immature person. To know childlikeness is to know original wisdom; to know childishness is to know original error. And there are many children more mature than adults, many adults less mature than children.”
C. JoyBell C.




Those people who thinks that violence is all and the solution to every problem should just watch NARUTO. It is funny how an anime series can teach people all the important values of life. Maybe that is the reasons why children are so innocent. They know how to love. But as we grow, we get involved in hateful, violent activites. We think watching cartoon is childlish and forget all the important things we learnt from it.
So, people who forgot all about love. Please watch NARUTO. Watch him believe in himself and his friends. Watch him fighting for peace. Watch him spreading love and uniting people. Watch him forgiving every people who did wrong to him. Watch how love can change everything. You will be amazed, inspired and motivated at the end beyond doubt.






These are according to me. Please comment and let me know what do you think about it. whether you agree or disagree? and please let me know about my mistakes.

Thanks for spending your valuable time by reading my post 🙂


2 thoughts on “Being a child

  1. Hate does not cure does…that’s Buddha but all spiritual avatars believe this….idiots don’t know they are idiots because….they are idiots….this phrase comes from addiction recovery groups….just fill in the blank with whatever descriptive you choose…..such as unawakened or stupid or sick or toxic ….great post.. don’t allow anyone to tell you that you are too young…you are the future so by all means make your voice heard ☺

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