Story #2


Sometimes we are surrounded by many people though not the right one.  The person we need at that situation is missing. The person who could look into your eyes and tell what is going on.  The person who could make it all bearable. Sometimes that person never existed.
What do you guys think?



9 thoughts on “Story #2

      1. Loneliness is such a tricky emotion. Because we all desire companionship and a sense of community. Yet we can’t extend our emotions unto others. So it’s all about finding a balance between the peacefulness and joy of solitude which is just merely being alone and being with people who bring us joy. And our desire for companionship.

        There is beauty in solitude, it’s when we should go deep within and find the answers so when that PERSON does come we can grace their lives with an extension of what makes us unique instead of depending on them to feel adequate.

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      2. Truly said… Solitude can be beautiful sometimes… I myself prefer it… I don’t like when someone tries to invade my privacy….. It helps reflecing on my mistakes and make plans for the future….
        Thanks for visiting 😊😊

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  1. By stating such you’re implying a paradox. But in the end, we all live paradoxical lives, don’t we? You’d want a somebody to know you through and through without them intruding your privacy in the first place, I want to win an Oscar but neither have the skills and nor will I try to harness them.😝 Seems we all need a miracle for that, until then you have to be the person yourself and I have to win the Oscar only in my dreams but do remember, there will always be at least one patient listener and eager learner should you downpour.🔥

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    1. Sometimes one does not need a patient listener. How much shall a person complain? They just want to be left alone and at the same time they need someone.
      At first I thought I was the only one, now I realized many people at some point in their life feels the same way…

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