Story #3

What should she do?

She feels like she loses a part of herself everytime she lets someone a glimpse of her world.

Living alone for a long time made her accustomed to the dark.

She began to enjoy solitude.

What will happen if she made an exception?

Will she completely lose herself?
Will she see the light?


She regrets everytime she tell someone about her.  The guilt rips her.  It makes her uncomfortable.  She is not different.  She is just like everyone else.  She faces the same problems every teenager does. But sometimes she wonder if it was too much.  If she had face those problems a little bit ahead of others. 



4 thoughts on “Story #3

  1. To completely lose oneself is to be in a personal hell, where everybody see everybody but not themselves. That is a place where i was in my past, lost and lonesome that i was. Let me introduce that which was spoken of help along the way, coz i got help from which i got out of. Come little one tag along and let me show the wonders of the dark.

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