What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘lie’?  Are you angry or sad?  Do you remember the times people lied to you or do you remember the times you lied to others?  Do you ponder if everything was a lie or do you regret the lies you have said?

Reflection time.
Do share your thoughts 😊



6 thoughts on “A LIE

  1. We all lie.
    Sometimes, to project ourselves.
    Sometimes, to protect.
    Sometimes, because we can’t tell the truth.
    Sometimes, we don’t want to.
    Sometimes, because we are hurt.
    Sometimes, to hurt.
    Sometimes, because we love.
    Sometimes, to be loved.
    Sometimes, to win.
    Sometimes, to let others.
    Sometimes, to live.
    Sometimes, to let others.

    It is lies that makes one fall,
    It is lies that breaks him apart.
    And it is lies that mends his soul.

    – A. D. Konwar.

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  2. no matter what the word means, if a person at least admit that s/he lied on anything, and make amends then forgive and let it be. But to those who keeps going with what that vice in their lives, let life sort them out, the one who gets affected with, gets victimized by it. And tags them along, remember misery loves company.

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