Story #11

A confession
I stood there motionless,while He touched my breasts.

He said I was pretty and called me closer.

My mom warned me repeatedly to stay away from strangers, but he wasn’t one.

My dad had been staying in His rented house for a few years and his daughters adored me like a sister.

So when I went near him,                         

He grabbed me from my behind.           

My mind went blank, I knew what was going on,                                                      

And that it was wrong.                             

Fear gripped me, leaving me unable to struggle or make a sound,                               

I was so confused and shocked.

During holidays, I always stayed with my Dad in his house but that was the first time he ever tried to touch me.

I thought he was drunk, it was new year’s eve after all.

Everyone was there just moments ago, but I couldn’t see anyone then.

I was left alone with him in the terrace.

I am so strong, I always thought so.

Nobody could dare mess with me.

But in that moment when I needed myself to do something, to fight;

I could not even utter a single word.

Finally when he released me,

I just ran to my room, locked the door

And pretended it never happened.

I acted like a coward,

After all, I was only 9 yrs old then.


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