Story #1

Edward & Ashley

Everyone thought they were the perfect couple. He loved her more than his life and she could do anything for him.
And they lived happily ever after.
This happens only in fairy tales. You got it right Edward & Ashley did not have a happy ending.

Edward had many problems.  His parents were divorced.  He has been living with his mother since he was six years old. He has seen his mother cry for the last 11 years and he has promised himself he would never be like his father.  He would never hurt anyone. Besides this,  he was the most intelligent student in school and also a tennis champion.

Ashley was a brilliant girl,  always one of the toppers in her class.  She was also very athletic,  a badminton champion. The boy she trusted and fell in love with cheated on her. She was left heartbroken,  vacant and alone. She just wanted to die. Even her friends abandoned her.

Then they met.

Whenever she felt like crying he was there to hold her. She was there to listen to him complain, whenever he fell out with his father,

Slowly their bond grew stronger.  They fell in love.

Years passed,  sometimes they fought (lover’s quarrel) other than that they were both very happy.

Suddenly, Edward disappeared.

On asked,  Ashley replied that he moved. He left the college that they used to attend together and transferred to the city.

One day,  Ashley came crying and hugged me.  She said,’He left me.’ She begged him to stay.  She said she would wait. She wanted to know how could anyone move on a three-year relationship so fast.  She wanted him to understand her.  She wanted him to know whatever she did or said was for their good. He had shown her so many dreams.  What about them?  How can he be so mean? How could he just go away?

According to Edward,  she never really did understand him. He was tired of crying. He has always accepted her the way she was. He respected their privacy.  He was frustrated when she made their life a social attraction.  He really did love her,  but he does not want to fight anymore. He has given too many chances and can’t take anymore.

Yeah,  they were in a relationship for nearly three years and then he fell for some other girl in the city. Though they still have a soft spot in their heart for each other.

This is how a real story ends and we all hate it.
But for your information both have their own different family now and they are happy in their life. So it is a happy ending  after all but not in a way one would like.



3 thoughts on “Story #1

  1. Interesting….. pyaar toh hona hi tha…..and uske baad, yeh toh hona hi tha…….I have always seen this…..When one is somebodys second or third whether girl or boy, they keep shifting… As though nothing new for them…. And the other category is 90% love marriages or intercaste marriages aren’t successful……

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